Salamander CT Bathroom range of twin and single ended bathroom pumps will boost hot and/or cold water supplies to a wide range of shower types and heads, single and mixer taps, and refill the toilet cistern in double quick time. Available in both positive head and universal models.

Shower Pumps are designed and engineered to ensure a long and maintenance free life. Every shower pump is individually tested for safety, performance and quality of workmanship. Salamander Pumps are strong, durable and user friendly. The Salamander flagships enjoy the security and protection of ESP Pumps - electronic sensor protection. This sophisticated use of technology incorporates micro electronics and sensors to deliver unrivalled performance that retains pressure even under high flow rate conditions.
All Salamander pumps are supplied with AV (anti-vibration) couplers in order to limit the transfer of motor and pump vibration to the associated pipe work.

Is my system suitable for a positive head pump?
A gravity fed system is either positive head or negative head, depending on the natural flow rate of the water in the home.