ROUGHNECK are the UK brand leader in wrecking and demolition bars. Offering the most comprehensive range including the world famous Gorilla Bar, the original, best known and best quality bar you can buy.

Due to the nature of work carried out with bars extreme stresses are exerted upon them, it is therefore imperative that they are manufactured to be tough. Historically bars were made from iron, however most modern days are now manufactured from steel.

ROUGHNECK bars are manufactured from tougher, high quality carbon steel and are either drop forged or hand forged, depending upon size, to ensure maximum tensile strength. The working ends are further hardened and tempered for extra toughness where it matters most.

Did you know Rouhneck offer bar types which can hand different heads types which will aid and benefit every different jobs with there unique features?

To help you get the right bar, why not check out "Roughneck bar guide" to help make sure you grab the right bar?


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