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Milwaukee M12 Drills are the most powerful and compact drills on the market.

M12 FUEL hammer drills offer increased power and reliability due to Powerstate brushless motors and advanced engineering.

M12 drills perform best when tight spaces and tool weight is a concern, making them a perfect option for light duty work on the job or around the house.
Milwaukee is a trusted name in the world of power tools, and M12 drills are some of the best on the market. M12 FUEL drills are powerful and compact, with up to 60% more torque than the competition. Milwaukee M12 drills are designed for durability and long-term use, making them a great investment for any serious contractor or handyman.

Milwaukee M12 impact drivers are some of the most powerful and durable 12V impact drivers on the market. M12 FUEL impact drivers feature a durable metal casing that can withstand the repeated impact of being driven into concrete or other tough materials. With brushless motors, M12 FUEL impact models drive fasteners in the toughest materials without wearing out. Milwaukee M12 impact drivers are the best on the market. They are extremely durable, so they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. M12 FUEL impacts offer best in class power for their form factor, making them ideal for use in light duty applications. Milwaukee impact drivers get the job done right.

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