For homeowners looking for a brand that is trusted by professionals worldwide, Makita have an exciting range of products that are perfect for a wide selection of activities both at home or outdoors. The Makita 18v LXT range of cordless tools and equipment are ideal for anyone looking to make the most of their homes and gardens and enjoy outdoor hobbies and leisure time. Perfect for a day at the beach, hiking around the countryside, camping with the family, fishing, taking a boating trip, or just enjoying summer in your back garden with a BBQ.

This 'Makita one battery fits all’ approach means our range of outdoor and leisure products offer a unique, portable solution that can help you make the most of your personal time whether your camping, caravanning, fishing, travelling or just relaxing in the outdoors, we’ll hopefully have something for everyone.

See our LXT range of cordless outdoor and leisure products below.

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