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The 12V CXT Lithium-Ion slide battery, similar to the market-leading 18v Li-Ion battery used in the heavier LXT range, has multi-contact terminals to ensure stable contact even under extreme work vibration conditions. The slide battery fits easily into the tools and chargers and has the same high level of structural strength, as well as having in-built protection to prevent overload or over-discharging.

Makita UK - CXT Back LED Gauge Display

Battery LED fuel gauge indicator
Higher battery capacity
Individual cell monitoring
Protection circuitry
Low-temperature performance
Both 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah batteries are available for the CXT range. These slide batteries have protection overload circuitry, will operate down to -20°C and have a 4-stage LED fuel gauge indicator. The DC10SA charger has a fan cooling system that puts charging time to just 30 minutes for the 2.0Ah battery.

The latest 12v slide battery range will continue the expansion of this sector of the Makita range where the power and manoeuvrability of these precision tools have seen sales grow continuously.

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