TSTAK is the interconnecting portable storage system that comes with many of our tools. It’s ideal for everyday tool storage for trade professionals. Customisable units can be reconfigured to your exact requirements, while the quick to use interlocking system lets you fasten together the sturdy units for easy transport and storage.

Interlocking Stackable Storage , Fit for Purpose, TSTAK storage units are modular and can be stacked together in a variety of configurations. Individual units can be customised and configured with dividers and removable cups to suit your needs, letting you store everything from small parts to power tools.

Built to last made from tough polypropylene with durable metal latches, units are fully field-tested and built to last. Ball-bearing slides help trays open and close easily, and trays lock in place when closed, keeping items secure in transit.
Locked up all safe, All TSTAK toolboxes feature padlock eyes to provide lockable security and your peace of mind that your tools are safe and secure when not in use.

The TSTAK trolley and cart units use the same interlocking system as storage units and can also be used to move heavier tools and items quickly and conveniently. All TSTAK units also feature bi-material handles for comfortable lifting.

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