TOUGHSYSTEM is the ultimate in toughness and high-impact protection. Made from robust reinforced structural foam, these mobile, modular, stackable storage solutions are engineered and made to last and protect your tools in the very toughest of site conditions and weather.

It Works for YOU: Mix and match components from toolboxes to organisers, totes or the TOUGHSYSTEM radio to suit that day’s job and storage needs. Customise the configuration of TOUGHSYSTEM units into your ideal stacking combination. Patented modular side bracket compatibility also means that you can access any unit independently of the rest without removing any units above.

Long Lasting Toughness: The thick reinforced structural foam outer casing of TOUGHSYSTEM units provides toughened, high impact protection for your tools and allows for a maximum load capacity of 50kg. This level of durability is extended to the rust-resistant, heavily reinforced metal latches and hinges. TOUGHSYSTEM units are engineered and built to withstand continual heavy use and reliably last no matter how tough it gets

Safe and Secure an IP65 rated water seal against water and dust ingress ensures your tools are fully protected whatever the elements while a pressure relief valve on Toolboxes enables pressure equalisation inside and out. Padlock eyes provide lockable security and peace of mind that your tools are secure when not in use. The TOUGHSYSTEM carrier also includes a unified locking system letting you secure all modules one-handed.

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