Dewalt Tough Case Accessories - Stackable Accessory Storage Solution

The Dewalt ToughCase+ Accessory Storage solutions have premium features to help keep drilling and fastening bits organized.

The Dewalt tough case system includes four container sizes; the Small Bulk Storage Container, Small ToughCase®+ Container, Medium ToughCase®+ Container, and Large ToughCase®+ Container for unlimited configurations. Individual Tough cases can be clipped together for easy transportation.

The Dewalt ToughCase Containers feature newly-designed bit storage, with a unique bit bar position that allows for easy removal of bits.

Clear lids let users see what's in the case at a glance. In addition, the Small, Medium and Large ToughCase Containers include a proprietary latch system to connect to each other for optimized storage space.

DeWalt Tough Case Accessories

The Dewalt tough case accessory system is ideal for those that have the Dewalt Tstak Storage System.

Dewalt Tstak Caddy for Tough Case Accessories

The small tough case can be used in conjunction with the DeWalt DT70716-QZ TSTAK Caddy so it can be stacked on top of a TSTAK case. The DT70716 Tstak Caddy can store 4 extra small transparent boxes and 5 ToughCase boxes.

Dewalt Stackable Tough Case Accessories

Dewalt Medium ToughCase's can be connected to a large ToughCase which can also be connected onto your existing Tstak System.

The Dewalt tough case accessory system can be connected together using the side latches in the following configeration.

Dewalt Small ToughCase+ to small ToughCase+
Two small ToughCase+ containers to one medium ToughCase+
Dewalt Medium ToughCase+ to medium ToughCase+
Two medium ToughCase+ containers to one large ToughCase+
Dewalt Large ToughCase + Tstak Case

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