Dewalt Landscaping Outdoor Garden Power Tools

Move away from traditional petrol garden power tools and tame your garden and the jobsite with Dewalt 18v XR and Dewalt 54v FLEXVOLT outdoor power tools.

Dewalt string trimmers, blowers, chainsaws, mowers, and hedge trimmers are tough enough to rip through it all.

Dewalt offer a versatile range of cordless garden and landscaping power tools let you tackle and tame the great outdoors like never before.

Why use Dewalt Landscaping Tools?

Dewalt Flexvolt offers the power of corded from a battery! Cordless Dewalt XR and Flexvolt tools have no trailing cables so no need to be near an electrical point when working, operating the Dewalt cordless XR Flexvolt landscaping tools couldn’t be easier. Start-up is as simple as sliding a battery in and a giving single trigger pull, while full variable triggers deliver both power and control.

With high-capacity 54V XR FLEXVOLT batteries up to 15ah Dewalt Outdoor Power Tools now deliver run times to rival traditional petrol machines. Many of the Dewalt Garden Tools have brushless motors that run more efficiently and cooler and have a longer runtime between charges. If you compare that to traditional mechanical carbon brush motors, these generate friction and heat build-up, resulting in lost energy and reduced runtime.

Dewalt Lanscaping Tools also offer cleaner, more efficient and sustainable solutions that generate significantly lower noise levels compared to traditional petrol powered loutdoor tools. These benefits are in addition to our renowned reliability, robustness and durability.

Dewalt Garden products are compact yet sturdy lightweight designs minimise stress to your arms when in use. Combined with ergonomic handles allows for extended tool use without compromise.