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Dewalts revolutionary range of cordless 54V power tools gives you unrivalled cordless performance and runtime. Imagine a jobsite with no bulky generators or trailing power cables, where every trade can work faster, safer and more efficiently using battery alone, the XR FLEXVOLT jobsite.
More power means more potential. The increase to 54V of power that XR FLEXVOLT delivers over other cordless power tools opens up construction jobs never previously possible with cordless power tools.

Boosting your runtime 54V cordless power tools have a significant speed advantage over other cordless power tools. They can run faster, for longer, using less energy, so you can get more done

Power 18v and 54v Tools, XR FLEXVOLT is the only battery on the market that automatically switches from 54V to 18V enabling it to power both 18V and 54V power tools in the XR product range. XR FLEXVOLT batteries are backwards compatible with the entire XR 18V range, so any tool or charger you have can be powered by XR FLEXVOLT batteries.

New Flexvolt Advantage 18v XR Range 

Also New the the Flevolt range is the "FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE 18v XR " Range. This revolutionary technology has been designed by DEWALT engineers to enable XR 18V tools with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE to recognise an XR FLEXVOLT battery, unlocking up to 77% more power* when needed to complete more challenging applications.

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