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Power and Potential, Charge for less and do more.
DeWalt 54V batteries have a standard slide fitting suitable for use with compatible DeWalt range. The Ah rating (Amperage hours) gives an indication of runtime and the higher the number the more battery use between charges.
They do not suffer from memory effect and charge quickly, are lightweight and have high capacity.

Fitted to 18V XR tools the cells inside the battery link in parallel: 5 cells in a series (5 x 3.6V = 18V) 3 string in parallel (3 x 4Ah = 12Ah) = 216Wh

Fitted to XR FLEXVOLT tools the cells link in series: 15 cells in a series (15 x 3.6V = 54V) 1 string in parallel (1 x 4Ah = 4Ah) = 216Wh

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