The CorePlus General-Purpose Diamond Blade is an advanced cutting solution that leverages hybrid turbo technology (HTT) to achieve exceptional performance. Here are some key features of this blade:

1. Hybrid Turbo Technology (HTT): The CorePlus blade incorporates interspersed turbo segments, striking a perfect balance between longevity and rapid cutting speed1.
2. Precision-Engineered Core: The blade features a high-grade steel tensioned core, ensuring that it spins true during operation.
3. Premium-Grade Diamond Concentration: Each segment contains a high concentration of premium-grade diamond, enhancing cutting efficiency.
4. Bonded Cutting Edge: The blade’s cutting edge is bonded to prevent the diamond from becoming glazed over during use.
5. Quality Standard: Manufactured to meet the EN 13236 quality standard, ensuring reliability and performance.

Whether you’re cutting through various materials or tackling specific tasks, the CorePlus General-Purpose Diamond Blade is designed to deliver outstanding results.

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