Bristan offer a wider range of bathroom taps from pillar taps that can have different tap heads such as a lever style handle or a more traditional cross head finish.

One of the most common and popular bathroom taps is the; Basin mixers, these are a straight forward and stylish option for any cloakroom, family bathroom or en-suite. By combining the hot and cold water supplier inside the cartridge within the tap body, basin mixers are easy to use giving you the temperature you want every time. Unlike the pillar taps that come as a pair, the basin mixer is just a single tap.

Mixers can also be found on the bath and work in the same way as the basin mixer tap, but can be incorporated with a shower riser rail to give your bath the finishing touch. 

Another popular bathroom tap that Bristan offer is the "3" hole basin taps function much in the same way as mono basin mixers, as these operate with both hot and cold water coming out of a single spout, but as the name suggests, they require 3 holes. One hole is for the spout, whilst the other two holes are for the hot and cold levers. This gives you excellent control over both water flow and temperature. 

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