Wilkinson Sword

Reflecting 100 years of cutting excellence, the Wilkinson Sword gardening tools collection comprises highly engineered quality products, including pruners, shears, loppers, stainless steel garden tools as well as a range of axes and multi-tools.

Wilkinson Sword was founded by Henry Nock in 1772 in London to manufacture swords, as well as guns, at a time when there was a great demand. Over time, the company began to diversify and develop its product lines, going on to manufacturer a wide range of items such as bayonets, typewriters, garden shears, scissors and even motorcycles.

Today, Wilkinson Sword Garden Tools is owned by Energizer Holdings and the collection is imported, developed and distributed by E .P. Barrus Ltd.  Their extensive range of products uses carbon steel and stainless steel, reflecting both the company's heritage and cutting excellence, as well as it's progressive attitude.  From loppers and pruners, to grass shears and tree care products, Wilkinson Sword is now a household name with many sheds across the country housing at least one or more Wilkinson Sword garden tools. 


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