Trend Tool Technology - Router Cutters, Hand Tools, Power Tools and Abrasives

Trend are the leading brand of router cutters, routing jigs and routing accessories.

The key to the development of Trend over the past 50 years has been its approach to introducing innovative products worldwide. From introducing the first plunge router into the UK in the 1950´s to supplying developing countries with the technology to create prosperity in 2001, they have truly pushed the boundaries of routing technology.

Their approach to technology is not limited to product development, their service also extends beyond the limits of customer expectation. They have built a reputation for outstanding service in sales, technical advice and logistics over the years and this will never be compromised.

Their Professional Range is aimed at the most demanding applications in manufacturing and the woodworking trades. Products are precision engineered to the highest standard and tolerance. For industrial applications the tooling fulfills the needs of modern routing technology, where machining performance relies on the highest possible standard of excellence.

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