About Tapworks

Tapworks is part of a larger business that started in the 1920’s, and their water softeners are built and produced in one of their many state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Tapworks design all their water softeners to help maintain complete control over both the quality and specifications. They will only use the highest quality materials like Teflon® so they can ensure the products always function to their best ability.

About 60% of the United Kingdom has hard water in their homes and businesses, and Tapworks has the right products to help alleviate the issues that can be caused by hard water.

All Tapworks products are trued and tested with the highest levels of reliability and efficiency as standard. Tapworks water softeners offer brilliant reliability which makes them popular with plumbers as they can simply fit them and forget.

All Tapworks water softeners are metered, so they measure your water use every day, keeping a history of your water from the day the softener is installed.

A Tapworks water softeners connect to your home plumbing system, it extracts the minerals from the hard water which causes the lime-scale build up, so this allows you to experience truly softened water for your whole home.

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