Pony Jorgensen

Pony Jorgensen, established in 1903 in the vibrant city of Chicago, holds a rich legacy. Their pioneering creation, the Jorgensen handscrew clamp, revolutionized woodworking. This ingenious tool swiftly gained popularity among both hobbyists and seasoned professionals. Fast forward to today, and Pony Jorgensen’s mission remains unwavering, delivering the finest clamps to woodworkers.  Their commitment to quality and fair pricing endures, ensuring that craftsmen can rely on their tools just as they have for over a century.

Pony Jorgensen takes pride in their meticulous approach to crafting clamps. Here’s how they stand out:

Material Excellence: They begin by sourcing materials that meet their exacting standards. Quality is paramount, ensuring that each clamp is built to last.
Precision Manufacturing: Their clamps are manufactured under strict guidelines, leaving no room for compromise. Attention to detail ensures consistent performance.
Reliable Performance: Clamps that can be trusted to tackle the job repeatedly. Whether in the workshop or on-site, Pony Jorgensen clamps deliver reliability.

So, when you reach for a Pony Jorgensen clamp, you’re reaching for craftsmanship you can rely on—time and time again. Their patented feature of the E-Z HOLD Clamps will allow you to join two clamps together to double the opening capacity of a standard clamp, the iconic multiple disc clutch design of the E-Z bar clamp has also become an industry standard giving you a secure hold anywhere along the bar.

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