NOMA GARDEN LIGHTING, trusted garden lighting for all seasons.  NOMA believe outdoor lighting should make an outside space look great all year round. That’s why they pack their garden lighting full of the technology it needs to last for more than just a season.

Why Choose Solar 365 Lighting?
NOMA’s Solar 365 lighting will provide your garden lights with power for 365 nights a year. With a larger solar panel, longer power leads and directional solar panel, you can place your lights to capture the sunlight at its best.  Solar 365 holds 3 times as many batteries as standard solar lighting, so it holds more power and means that your lighting will still shine even on those days when the sun doesn’t.  The automatic sensor turns the lighting on as soon as the sun goes down and powers the lighting for 6 hours before turning it off automatically to save energy.

Why Choose Fit & Forget Battery Lighting?
Sometimes you want your garden lighting to light up the places the sun doesn’t reach. Beneath your parasol, on the dining table or deep underneath your favourite tree. Fit & Forget battery lighting gives you the option of setting your battery lighting on a timer so it comes on just when you want it to, running off the AA batteries inside, or alternatively just turn them on for those special occasions when you are entertaining in the garden. Fit & Forget battery lighting will last at least 60 days on a timer, and even longer if you are turning them off.


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