Kip® is more than just a globally leading adhesive tape manufacturer for professional painters, plasterers and the construction industry. As a committed, proactive partner for craftsmen and industrial companies, we see our role above all in offering optimum quality, also where customer service is concerned. Our customers appreciate this and benefit from it in many ways – in terms of quality, logistics, and price. Kip® develops, produces, and supplies professional adhesive tapes for a wide range of applications and customer needs, as well as under the brand names of our own product range. Currently they are: Kip, T-Rex, Duck, Shurtape and Frogtape. We’ve got you – and your project – covered. With our three painter’s tapes MASKING-TEC®, SMOOTH-TEC® and WASHI-TEC® you get three different quality grades and first-time results. No touch-ups or repairs.

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