Kelkay was founded over 20 years ago in 2001, Kelkay is a market-leading supplier of garden landscaping products. The company manufactures and distributes landscape gardening products through gardening retailers across the UK and Ireland. Kelkay is also proud to manufacture and distribute high-quality paving and decorative aggregate products.
Kelkay was launched as a family run business that very quickly became a trusted and well know brand within the gardening market with its gardening and landscaping business products. Kelkay soon built-up dedicated team that resided at their main manufacturing and distribution site located in Pollington, East Yorkshire

With over 20 years’ experience Kelkay now has a very solid reputation as a market leader in garden landscaping products thanks to their unique and innovative approach to marketing and merchandising of aggregates and paving and so much more. Kelkay are now very much a key brand in a gardening and landscaping sector that combines over 100 years of expertise of supplying products that can totally transform your outdoor spaces and gardening areas.


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