Hills have been selling quality rotary dryers in the UK for over 40 years and they offer a great range of outdoor dryers to meet a variety of needs. All Hills dryers are manufactured from fully galvanized steel, designed to provide protection against the great British weather.

Designed by Lance Hill at the request of his wife as an inexpensive, more compact replacement for his washing line, Hills have specialised in innovative, economical, and efficient airing solutions since 1946.

The Hills company name is perhaps best known the Hills rotary airer, which provide a compact, efficient solution to washing lines while still allowing clothes, bedding or towels to dry naturally in the fresh air.

However, Hills' products now include trolleys and shelves, which are made to fit any drying space. Wherever you live, regardless of space, you can be sure Hills have thought of a way for you to dry your washing easily.

In Australia, where Hills began, their products have gained an iconic status. There is an early example of one of Hills' Hoist Airers in the National Museum of Australia, while a Hills rotary airer was even featured in the closing ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. In addition to this fame in their homeland, Hills are now internationally renowned for their workmanship, design and ease of use. The quality of their products ensure Hills' range of products will be drying loads of washing for years to come.

The famous Hills hoist rotary washing lines are designed with the family in mind. The innovative hoist wind-up mechanism affords a comfortable, lower loading position and all Hills rotary lines easily wind up by an ergonomically designed winding handle for maximum drying efficiency with plenty of ground clearance.

Available in two specification levels, the Hills premium range and Hills everyday range, each Hills hoist rotary clothes line comes with an industry leading 10 year peace of mind guarantee.







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