Bramble Socks

The growing interest in a healthy lifestyle has encouraged the development of the Bramble range. Combining high performance features and functionality with accessible everyday fashion, comfort and style of outdoor country living for men and women whilst meeting the everyday needs of work, rest or play of the demanding outdoors. Not everyine is an expert rock climber and people of all backgrounds and levels of fitness are looking to get outdoors more and try to things toimporve their mental and physical well being.

This range of socks has been developed and constructed with the expertise and experience of the Cleversocks product development team, and tested for comfort in the varied British countryside. The use of these socks does not have to be limted to just walking and hiking. The features and benefits amek them great for gardening, site work boot socks, dog walkign or just day to day wear.

Bramble Socks UK Hiking

The Bramble range offers high quality, soft cotton rich yarns and performance features with seasonal colour palettes to suit both purpose and taste. From everyday classics, ergonomic gardening socks, equestrian styles, high performance and loungewear there’s a sock for every occasion.

The socks you wear can have a huge impact on your overall comfort and performance. Cleversocks want to ensure the wearer receives the maximum amount of functionality and protection possible, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

Bramble appreciate the effect of a hand linked seamless toe seam for a smoother feel in walking boots, comfort hold cuffs which wont constrict the leg and additional padding in key areas where feet need it most to improve comfort and minimise blistering and provide support.

High performance wear also uses ventilated channels to allow feet to breathe, durable reinforced heel and toes for optimal wearability and focused ribbing to wrap the leg and follow the movement of the foot, aiding support when going that extra mile.

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