BlueSpot Tools

The Bluespot company is a premier supplier of hand tools, power tools, security, decorating and consumables. The Bluespot company was established in 1978 and is one of the UK's leading design innovators and importers of quality hand and power tools. Bluespot has a commitment to provide the best quality products and service at competitive prices and to continually increase and update their extensive product range for the professional and DIY enthusiasts.

They have a 37 year history of supplying hand tools to over 1000 traders throughout the UK. Since its conception by Chairman Mike Coward, the BlueSpot brand has grown to provide an extensive range of products. Despite some challenging economic conditions in the past few years, BlueSpot Tools has continued to flourish, and produces tools for the DIY, Automotive, Lighting, Home, Garden and Household sectors. Today, their internal and external sales teams will provide you with the best deals, new products and sales advice, and market information to help your business grow - whether you are ordering their brands face to face, online or by phone.

Their extensive product range has been designed to provide you with a complete and modern selection of products, perfect for all hardware and tool retailers. In addition to this, they take pride in their branding and packaging to ensure BlueSpot catches your customers’ eye, and assists business growth. But that's not all, since 2015 BlueSpot has been developing new and unique brands, such as Fort Knox, Handy Crafts and Electralight - to provide you with a single source for all your product needs. Their product buyers have established strong relationships with factories around the world, so they can source any product you require, working in collaboration with you and in accordance with regulatory requirements, creating high value-style that can meet different market needs.

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