Bosch X-LOCK Grinders and Accessories

Bosch Professional provides a huge number of X-LOCK tools and accessories to cope with every application and user need.

The innovative Bosch X-LOCK Grinder changing system by Bosch Professional provides you with a wide range of high quality accessories you can change in a matter of seconds.

Maximize your efficiency and work faster under any circumstances. In just one click, you are ready to go!

Find all Bosch X-LOCK Accessories you need to make your work more convenient.

Why Choose a Bosch X-LOCK Grinder?

Bosch Xtra Safe X-Lock

What is Bosch X-lock?


Can I also use my Bosch X-LOCK cutting dics for my conventional angle grinders?

Almost all Bosch X-LOCK accessories are compatible with conventional angle grinders. Exceptions to this today are accessories that have a threaded mount, e.g.: diamond core cutters and wire cup brushes.

Can I use my conventional Bosch X-LOCK accessories for my X-LOCK angle grinder?

This is not possible because the accessories require a corresponding Bosch X-LOCK interface.



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