The 10.8v / 12v professional blue power tools from Bosch for trade and industry meet the highest standards in speed, precision and robustness to provide great work results.

From January 2017, all 10.8v Bosch professional power tools will be rebranded as 12v. Compatibility is no issue, as all previous 10.8v tools and newer 12v tools will accept 10.8v and 12v branded Bosch professional lithium-ion batteries.

Bosch batteries feature the most advanced Lithium-Ion technology available. They guarantee maximum cycle life, excellent cold weather performance and up to 50% greater run time. With the unique Bosch CoolPack technology, the cells in special 14.4–36 volt lithium-ion batteries are perfectly protected because the especially conductive material (red cooling fins) on the bottom guides heat directly out of the battery to prevent possible overheating of the cells – for an up to 100% longer lifetime. In addition to this, using the latest cell technology in the 6.0Ah Li-Ion battery packs ensures an up to 100% longer runtime.

A new dimension of POWER FOR ALL Bosch Professional 18V power tools: the ProCORE18V batteries 4.0Ah, 8.0Ah and 12.0Ah - the most powerful Bosch 18v batteries ever, thanks to the latest cell technology and superior heat management.

Also Get the maximum performance from your Bosch 18v Professional Power Tools with the ProCore 18v battery range and Bosch BITURBO Brushless Tools supplied next day delivery from

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