Aqualisa Smart + Digital Showers

Offering full connectivity to the smart home, our Smart Showers combine the precise electronic control of a digital shower with the modern convenience of voice and app activation.

Delivering an enhanced and sensational showering experience, Aqualisa Smart Digital Showers are the perfect accompaniment to the family home thanks to additional features including water saving and temperature safety. Create a truly personalised shower which you can repeat at the touch of button..

A digital shower gives you complete control and access to the temperature and water flow, and the simplicity and ease of use make it even more appealing for a relaxing shower.

You can think of Digital showers like they have a brain with two halves – the brains and the beauty. The brains of the operation are in the form of a processor unit which is situated away from the shower enclosure, often in the loft. This technology gives you precise control over temperature and flow. 


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