AMPShare - powered by Bosch Professional

Introducing AMPShare powered by the Bosch Professional Battery System

Many brands.
Many tools.
One battery system.

What is AMPShare by Bosch?

AMPShare is the multi-brand battery system for trade and industry professionals. With just one shared battery system, you have the flexibility to switch between pro tools and brands – without thinking twice. With over 80 million batteries sold and a fast-growing alliance, AMPShare is the 18V battery system you can build on.

Why choose AMPShare by Bosch?

AMPShare helps you save time, money, space, and effort on all your professional jobs. No more searching for the “right” battery, or carrying around different batteries and chargers in your tool bag. AMPShare ensures that one battery fits all so you can enjoy less clutter, less weight, and lower costs. Thanks to one fully compatible 18V battery system for multiple brands and tools, you can easily build up your tool bag with new tools from AMPShare member brands – without buying new batteries.

All AMPShare powered machines will fit all existing Bosch Professional batteries

The Bosch ProCORE18V Battery is a range of high-performance 18V batteries that deliver extreme power but in a more compact design. For example, ProCORE18V batteries with over 5.5Ah deliver an outstanding performance of up to 2,000W of equivalent corded power (depending on the tool) despite their compact size.

Available in various power capacities, these batteries are designed for the toughest jobs and materials, going beyond the expected performance of their voltage class. In fact, when used with tools that are optimally designed to get the most of ProCORE18V, such as Bosch BITURBO Brushless, ProCORE18V batteries even make cordless tools outperform corded ones.

Can I charge AMPShare batteries using chargers from a different brand?

Yes. We ensure full compatibility between all batteries, chargers and tools that have been integrated into the AMPShare battery system – regardless of the brand of the product.

I already have Bosch Professional 18V batteries or chargers, but they don’t have the AMPShare label. Are they still AMPShare-compatible?

Absolutely. Your Bosch Professional 18V batteries and chargers are already fully compatible with all AMPShare-compatible tools. Best of all, the opposite is also true: AMPShare batteries are fully compatible with Bosch Professional 18V tools and chargers all the way back to 2008.

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