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Water Softeners

Discover the benefits of a water softener in your home, you will see a noticeable difference to your skin, hair and clothes, less time spent washing and less money spent on shampoos and detergents.

At Buyaparcel.com we provide water softeners that will also help protect your home from the

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Monarch Midi HE FreeFlow Water Softener - Ultimate Series -  Includes 15mm Standard Installation Kit
£399.99 Ex VAT
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Tapworks AD11 Water Softener Meter Controlled 1 - 5 People - Includes Full Installation Kit For All Plumbing Systems
£359.16 Ex VAT
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BWT WS555 WS Series Luxury Water Softener Light Commercial Meter Controlled - Includes Installation Kit for Any System
£633.33 Ex VAT
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Water Softeners (cont)

damaging effects of scale, providing protection for your central heating system, hot water heater and other domestic appliances. We have on board some of the biggest names in the Water Treatment industry including Culligan Water Softeners, Monarch Water Softeners, Tapworks Water Softeners and Scalemaster Water Softeners.

We have now added the new Monarch Scaleout. The Scaleout gives you some of the benefits of a conventional Water Softener but without the aid of Salt.

Unsure of which Water Softener is Right for your Home? For expert advise call us on 0845 638 1331 / 01502 527629 or mail us via our Contact Form and one of our trained staff will be happy to help.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

A water softener works by passing the incoming hard water through a sealed container called a resin vessel, which contains literally thousands of little ion exchange resin beads.

These beads attract and retain any hardness in the water i.e. scale and scum, that causes so much damage to your system.

When these beads become saturated with hardness, they need cleaning and regenerating for continued use. This is done by rinsing them with a weak solution of brine (salt and water mixed together).

The brine solution together with the previously collected hardness is then automatically flushed down the drain. This process takes place automatically as determined by the softener (this is when the water softener regenerates), with all the homeowner having to do is ensure the softener is kept full of salt. For this purpose we recommend that only tablet salt – which is available at buyaparcel to purchase - is used.

Water Softener SaltWater Softener Salt

In conclusion therefore, salt does not soften the water. The resin cleans/softens the water and when required the salt cleans the resin. During the cleaning of the resin, the previously collected scale and scum is discharged automatically down the drain together with the salt.

At no time does the salt enter the water supply - which is commonly mistaken to be the case.