Pure Raw Linseed Oil 500ml

Pure Raw Linseed Oil 500ml
Pure Raw Linseed Oil 500ml
Pure Raw Linseed Oil 500ml
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Pure Raw Linseed Oil 500ml

When used as a wood finish linseed oil does not cover the surface as varnish does but soaks into the (visible and microscopic) pores leaving a shiny but not glossy surface that shows off the grain.

Wood treated with linseed oil only is resistant to denting and scratches are easily repaired but the wood and oil surface is not as hard as a modern varnish and it slowly absorbs moisture if allowed to stay wet. Soft wood benefits from the protection from denting but requires more applications and even more drying time than harder wood does if the grain is to be completely filled.

The oil penetrates deeply and fills the grain because it dries slowly and shrinks little or not at all on hardening. Oiled wood is yellowish and darkens with age

Ideal for oiling Cricket bats adding to paint and softening Metal Glazing Putty. Not suitable

for oiling furniture or wooden floors. For furniture use Rustin’s Danish Oil or Teak Oil.

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SIZE: 500ml

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