Monarch Scaleout SLC+ Plus Light Commercial Alternative Water Softener with 22mm Maxflo Hoses and Installation Kit for Pressurised / Megaflow / Unvented Systems and Water Hardness More Than 480ppm

Monarch Scaleout SLC+ Plus Light Commercial Alternative Water Softener with 22mm Maxflo Hoses and Installation Kit for Pressurised / Megaflow / Unvented Systems and Water Hardness More Than 480ppm
Monarch Scaleout SLC+ Plus Light Commercial Alternative Water Softener with 22mm Maxflo Hoses and Installation Kit for Pressurised / Megaflow / Unvented Systems and Water Hardness More Than 480ppm
Monarch Scaleout SLC+ Plus Light Commercial Alternative Water Softener with 22mm Maxflo Hoses and Installation Kit for Pressurised / Megaflow / Unvented Systems and Water Hardness More Than 480ppm
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The Monarch Scaleout offers extensive lime scale prevention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the most significant advancement in scale prevention in over 100 years!

Its revolutionary process provides quick, efficient and cost effective protection from serious limescale damages.

The quality of the drinking water is not affected. During the limescale prevention process, no minerals or magnesium are removed and no sodium is added to the water. It is safe to drink all day, every day - meaning you do not require a drinking water tap unlike conventional salt softeners.

What are the Main Features of the Monarch Scaleout?

- Totally drinkable
- No electricity required
- Low maintenance
- Reduces your carbon footprint
- No repair costs due to scale damage
- Targets existing scale
- Prevents new scale forming
- Easy to install – full install kit provided
- Compact – from only 430mm high
- pH stability – suitable for all metals
- Improved texture of the water
- Can help reduce your detergent / washing powder bills*
- Food grade materials throughout
- Suitable for ‘whole house’ protection

With pH stability (unique to Monarch Scaleout), Scaleout water is ideal for all types of central heating systems – including boilers with stainless steel or aluminium heat exchangers.

What are The Main Differences Between the Monarch Scaleout and a Typical Water Softener?

Comparing the Monarch Scaleout with a Monarch (e.g Monarch Midi).

If both ranges of Monarch Water Softener were awarded a star rating for their performances, a Monarch salt based softener would enjoy a 5 star rating, as they produce every possible soft water benefit.

However, Monarch recognises that there is a sector of the public who are simply looking for protection against the damage caused by hard water scale. The Monarch Scaleout range is perfect for those who are seeking an alternative solution to hard water problems outside of a conventional salt based water softener.

What are the Benefits of the Monarch Scaleout?

1) Lower Costs

The average ‘hard water home’ can spend between £200 and £240 a year to overcome the effects of hard water. The harder the water, the more cleaning agents and laundry detergents are required. Appliances life expectancy is significantly reduced. The life expectancy of a boilers heat exchanger is reduced by up to 80% with a hard water supply!

A Monarch Scaleout will immediately target your existing scale, returning your boiler and appliances to maximum efficiency and lower running costs. Additionally, unnecessary scale related costs for the repair and maintenance of appliances can be prevented. Remember, with a scaled boiler, you have to heat the scale before you can heat the water. Just 2mm of scale will increase your hot water bills by 12%. 3mm and it rises to nearly 25%!

2) Protected Appliances

Shining plates, bowls etc. - a dream or reality? Times when your washing machine / dishwashers' performance is affected by hard water lie in the past. In future, with Scaleout water, your plates, bowls etc. will no longer have unsightly hard scale residue.

3) The Perfect Flavour Carrier

A Monarch Scaleout gives you the ideal water for home and industry, and is perfectly suited for the production of hot and cold drinks too.
Valuable minerals including magnesium (a health giving mineral and powerful flavour carrier) are retained in the water, to give you the perfect cuppa at any time of day.

4) Peace of Mind

You can have improved Peace of Mind knowing that with the Monarch Scaleout you have..

Lower heating bills
Lower household bills
An efficient boiler
Protected appliances
Drinking water rich in vital minerals

Choosing the Correct Monarch Scaleout for Your Property


Alternatively we also sell Water Hardness Test Strips which can also be used. Most of the UK have a hardness below 450PPM and will require the "Non Plus" Monarch Scaleout. Areas of Norfolk, Suffolk and North Essex have varied water hardness so the Scaleout Plus may be needed in certain areas where hardness is over 450PPM.

Unlike conventional Water Softeners the Monarch Scaleout unit is selected on 3 main principles:

1) Your Type of Plumbing System: Standard Gravity Fed Systems (tank in loft), Combi Boiler, Unvented, Megaflow and Pressurised Systems.

2) Maximum Flow Rate Required (often governed by your plumbing system).

3) The Hardness of the water in your area. If you are not sure what that is you can find this out by using one of our Hardness Test Strips or by contacting your water board.

You can see it clearly using Monarch's own illustrated table guide below, which outlines your requirements alongside which Scaleout would best suit you.

Applications Max Rec Flow (LPM) Rec Model up to 450ppm Standard Connections 1" Upgrade Available Dimensions (Dia x Height x Post Filter Remote) Dimensions (Dia x Height x Post Filter Attached
15mm Supplies Include Small Combi Boiler (Ideal for one bedroom properties) 16 SC1 Compact Scaleout 3/4" MBSP - 300 X 210 X 430* -
15mm Supplies  -Combi Boiler / Gravity Fed Systems 40 SC2 Scaleout 3/4" MBSP - 183 X 495 183 X 405 X 495
22mm Supplies - Unvented / Pressurised / Megaflo 60 SC3 Scaleout 3/4" MBSP YES 206 X 495 206 X 430 X 495
Light Commercial 90 SLC Scaleout 3/4" MBSP YES 258 X 1105 258 X 460 X 1105

* No post filter with this unit. Can be purchased separately

Pressure drops at maximum flow rates: S1 Compact at 0.25 Bar. SC2 at 0.3 Bar. SC3 at 0.4 Bar. SLC at 0.9 Bar.

So How Does the Scaleout Work?

Water contains two different types of hardness ions, but only one causes scale. This is called a calcium ion. The scale causing calcium ion (dissolved limescale) passes through a bed of food grade ceramic beads within the unit, and is transformed into a non-scale causing calcium crystal.

The crystals attach themselves to the beads. When they reach a certain size, they release themselves from the beads back into the water, where they adhere themselves to the Post Filter. As a result of this physical change (permanent), scale no longer has the possibility of forming on surfaces including heating coils and elements, fittings, or the inside of pipes etc. The water becomes both non-scale forming and also descaling, offering many benefits to the homeowner in its performance.

Additionally, Monarchs unique CBT ensures pH stability and corrosion control in all types of water. It is the only one available to give this guarantee.

The beads have a life expectancy of 3 to 5 years (3 years guaranteed), as determined by the cleanliness of the incoming water supply (not water hardness). Replacement packs can be supplied for easy DIY changing, or alternatively Monarch can offer a full exchange service.

All models recommended for use on a potable water supply only. All units incorporate a Post Filter to collect the calcium crystals. The Post Filter has a low cost internal cartridge that is to be changed annually. It can be connected directly to the unit (as pictured) or be remote mounted if preferred. A remote mounting kit is included with every unit. The SC1 does not include a post filter a standard

This post filter can be fitted rigid next to the unit as shown above or via a short chrome braided hose provided as below.



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