Monarch MG3 Magnesium System Water Conditioner

Monarch MG3 Magnesium System Water Conditioner
Monarch MG3 Magnesium System Water Conditioner
Monarch MG3 Magnesium System Water Conditioner
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Whilst reliability is important, we believe space is also an important consideration. The Mg3 is only 650mm high. With a slide-on rear cover and high capacity resin vessel, we have produced a unit as compact as possible.

The Mg3 is meter controlled, with the added feature of a clock. It measures the water used and regenerates to individual household requirements. The advanced electronics of the Mg3 builds up a usage pattern for your household to enable it to regenerate with maximum efficiency. The clock ensures that the regeneration is delayed to 2am*, a time when little, if any, water is being used. (* Time can be changed to suit individual requirements).

Regeneration is an automatic cleansing process during which a small amount of magnesium is used to clean the ion exchange media.

- Private houses - complete systems
- Individual appliances
- Boilers/heaters using aluminium heat exchangers
- Restaurants
- Coffee shops

Removes existing scale
The Mg3 will begin to descale your system from the moment it is installed. Once the existing scale has been removed, new scale will not form.

Protects appliances
With no scale, your washing machine, dishwasher, shower and any other water using appliances will work as never before. Scale-free boilers and hot water systems will also last much longer.

Aluminium Heat Exchangers
Just 1mm of scale on a boiler's heat exchanger will lead to inefficiency. Not only does the Mg3 keep your boiler and hot water system scale free, but it is also effective against corrosion, making it the preferred choice when protecting aluminium heat exchangers found in today's modern boilers etc.

Unique in operation - patented
The Mg3 is the only ion exchange system that uses magnesium instead of sodium (salt) during the regeneration process. It works by replacing scale-causing calcium with non-scale forming magnesium. A magnesium exchange system automatically removes the need for a separate drinking water tap.

Saves you time
Instead of a build up of scale, the Mg3 will produce water that reduces your cleaning efforts. Simply wipe away any water marks that may occasionally appear with a damp cloth to give work surfaces, taps, sinks etc as clean as you like.

Saves money
When scale is deposited on heating elements - in boilers, showers, hot water cylinders etc “ you have to heat through the scale before you even begin to heat the water! Just 3mm of scale will lead to 25% fuel wastage.

After 5 years the average hard water house can be wasting as much as 70% on hot water bills! Eventually, the whole system becomes so blocked that it needs replacing. The Mg3 will begin to remove existing scale immediately, prevent new scale from forming and return your system to optimum efficiency, proving without doubt the Mg3 will save you money.

Additional savings will also be made on cleaning agents, bleaches, descalers and kettles too!

Peace of Mind

Monarch's reputation for reliability is second to none. Indeed our commitment to producing proven, reliable and efficient equipment is one of the reasons for our continued success.

Your Mg3 is designed to give you many years of reliable service, and is fully covered by a 24 month parts and 12 month labour guarantee, effective from date of installation. Further warranty packages are available with full details on request.

Mg3 System In Detail

- Improves water quality dramatically
- Recommended for aluminium heat exchangers
- Removes existing scale
- Protects against corrosion
- National distribution network