Monarch Master Hi Flo 20 Litre Metered Ultimate Series Water Softener with 22mm Maxflo Hoses and Combi Boiler Installation Kit

Monarch Master Hi Flo 20 Litre Metered Ultimate Series Water Softener with 22mm Maxflo Hoses and Combi Boiler Installation Kit
Monarch Master Hi Flo 20 Litre Metered Ultimate Series Water Softener with 22mm Maxflo Hoses and Combi Boiler Installation Kit
Monarch Master Hi Flo 20 Litre Metered Ultimate Series Water Softener with 22mm Maxflo Hoses and Combi Boiler Installation Kit

For families of 6-7 people in Very Hard water areas family size is based on allowing 160 litres per person per day (35 gallons).

Includes a Full Installation Kit
Combi softeners, for use with mains fed combination boilers, fitted to a 15mm mains supply:

1 x pair 3/4", inlet/outlet, Maxflow, heavy pattern, braided stainless, 600mm long hoses.
2 x straight, 15mm, heavy pattern, inlet/outlet valves, c/w 3/4" MBSP thread.
1 x 15mm heavy pattern bypass valve.
1 x 15mm heavy pattern non return valve.

The Benefits of Soft Water

The installation of your water softener will bring immediate benefits to both you and your water system.

As soon as you turn on the tap you will feel the luxury of soft water. Gone will be the days of using twice as much soap as necessary because with soft water the lather comes easily and lasts longer.

Your glasses and dishes dry spotless and there will be no need to put anymore salt in your dishwasher.

The cost of washing powder shampoos soaps etc will be reduced by up to 50% and will truly prove beyond doubt ?t water saves you money.

You will see a difference in the time spent cleaning baths sinks taps and shower screens.

Never again will you return to find then covered in scale and scum the moment they are used with soft water baths stay bright taps sparkling.

Probably the most important benefit of soft water will be noticed in your hot water system. As soon as a softener is installed it will begin to MDESCale your system and increase its life expectancy. With no scale to heat first you immediately start to save on heating bills by up to 70%.

This pipe fitting was only 2 years old before it became blocked with scale. An average hardwater home builds up one sixteenth of an inch of scale per year (approx). Remember you have to heat the scale before you can heat the water. That's why scale costs you money.

Remember with soft water flowing through the system your taps and pipes will become scale free and with no hard water in your system fitments like your shower will run as new!

Why Monarch?

There is something very special about a Monarch Water Softener the secret lies in the resin. It is the resin used that determines the quality of your soft water.Every model in the Monarch range uses a specially purified Food Grade Resin that guarantees you not only soft water but soft water of the highest quality.

Whilst reliability is important we believe space is also an important consideration and have endeavoured to produce a water softener as compact as possible. From the slide-on rear cover to the high capacity resin vessels every Monarch softener has been built without compromise.

All our models are meter controlled with the added features of a clock and our unique Self Protect Programme (SPP). They measure the water used and regenerate to individual household requirements. The intelligent chip and the clock ensures there is enough soft water available to delay the regeneration until 2am* a time when little if any water is being used.
*Time can be changed to suit individual requirements.

Peace of Mind
European regulations state that a minimum 2 year guarantee should be provided.At Monarch we go much further. With the proven reliability of our water softeners we give an additional 5 years guarantee totally free of charge - giving you 7 years of total peace of mind.

Monarch has been making water softeners for nearly 40 years and for the majority of them we have used the Autotrol control valve. This valve is arguably the most reliable there is with over 200 000 sold worldwide every year. Proven performance reliability and efficiency supported by our 7 year guarantee ensures that the Monarch Water Softener you choose is the ultimate water softener.

Imagine a water softener that features all of this...

Flow rates up to 50 litres per minute table for all types of plumbing systems.
Slide on rear cover that needs no additional head room to remove it as compared to conventional lids. Easy push button set up takes a few seconds.

Unique Self Protect Programme that:
Detects leaks in your plumbing system.
Delays regeneration until 2am.
Initiates an additional regeneration if ever required.
Stores data in the event of a power cut.
Learns and remembers your water usage patterns to make substantial savings on both salt and water use.
Safe low voltage electronics via plug-in transformer supplied.
Meter Control as standard.
Salt and water saving features.
Food Grade Resin.

Your Monarch Water Softener is suitable for all types of plumbing systems. All models are supplied with an installation kit and flexible hoses to suit traditional plumbing systems i.e. storage tanks in roof. However for Combination boilers we recommend the use of Maxflow hoses and Pressurised systems the Pressurised Kit (PSK) is required both of which are available from this website.

In addition to the installation kit and flexible hoses every Monarch softener includes a complimentary water test kit and bag of Hydrosoft tablet salt.

Inline drinking water tap

Important Information: Water Authority bylaws require that one tap in the house remains unsoftened. It is also recommended that the garden tap is left with a hard water supply. Here at Buyaparcel we have have a comprehensive range of modern and contemporary drinking water taps.

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