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Mira Showers' reputation has been built upon innovative design, quality engineering and rigorous attention to detail. These attributes are combined with an after sales service considered as "second to none" in the industry.

Mira Electric Showers - Instantaneous showering day and night for the whole family.

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Mira Electric Showers

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That's the beauty of electric showers. They draw water directly from a cold water supply and heat it as it is used, so you don't need to have a stored hot water supply.

Mira Mixer Showers - Mixer showers are easy to install and require no electrical connections*. They work by mixing together your hot and cold water to the desired temperature - ideal for homes with an ample supply of hot water. Mixer showers usually have a higher flow rate than electric showers.
*Exception of Digital showers

Mira Power Showers - As the name suggests, power showers produce a more impressive spray force than either electric or gravity-fed mixer showers. This is because water pressure is boosted by a pump that generates exceptionally powerful flow rates.