Milwaukee HD18JS-0 18V Jigsaw Bare Unit Naked M18 HD18JS

Milwaukee HD18JS-0 18V Jigsaw Bare Unit Naked M18 HD18JS
Milwaukee HD18JS-0 18V Jigsaw Bare Unit Naked M18 HD18JS
Milwaukee HD18JS-0 18V Jigsaw Bare Unit Naked M18 HD18JS
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Milwaukee HD18 JS 18v Cordless Jigsaw with M18 Technology - Outperforms the Makita BJV180

This is the bare bones (no battery/charger) option. For the kit, please click here.

The M18™ Cordless Jig Saw is Milwaukee's first jig saw powered by LITHIUM-ION. The HD18 JS delivers accuracy, versatility and ease of use. The 5-Position orbital setting offers more cutting versatility than any other cordless jig saw on the market. This allows the user to select the type of cut or speed specific to their application. For ease of use, the tool-free shoe bevel allows for quick and accurate shoe adjustments, while the Quick-Lok™ Blade Clamp provides fast and easy blade change. 

Quik-Lok™ Blade Clamp- Provides fast and easy keyless blade change.
Tool Free Shoe Bevel with Positive Stops- Allows for quick and accurate shoe adjustment. The tool free shoe bevel with positive stops allows for a maximum 45 degree bevel in either direction with detents at 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees.

Position Orbital Cutting-Milwaukee 5-position orbital cutting offers the most versatility for application specific cutting than any cordless jig saw on the market.


Over-Molded Grip with Variable Speed Trigger- Provides optimal control for cutting a variety of materials

Non-Marring Shoe- Protects the work surface from damage  


- Milwaukee’s high performance 4 pole motor delivers maximum power whilst (optimising) maximising the power to weight ratio.
- Milwaukee patented FIXTEC clamp for fast and easy keyless blade change
- Oversized blade roller support for increased blade stability
- Keyless bevel facility on base plate allowing adjustments of 0-45 degrees
- 5 stage pendulum action for increased performance
- Milwaukee patented electronics in both power tool and battery pack deliver revolutionary durability.
- 3.0 AH Li-Ion batteries deliver high runtime and increase durability
- Fuel gauge displays remaining battery charge state.


- Battery pack voltage / capacity  18 / 3.0 V/Ah
- No-Load stroke rate/speed  2.200 1/min
- Mitre cutting angle to  45 °
- Cutting depth in wood / steel  135 / 10 mm
- Stroke length  25.4 mm
- Weight with battery pack  3.5 kg

Review of the HD18 JS jigsaw...

The Milwaukee M18™ Cordless Jig Saw is very simple to use and is surprising only in that it has far more power than I expected from a cordless tool. You don't have to use this saw very long to realize that Milwaukee did a great job designing and building it. There is no compromise in materials or workmanship as is evidenced by the clean fit and finish along with its overall heft. This is not a lightweight tool by any means but neither is it overly heavy. If you want a durable, long-lasting tool, this is how it should be made.

Somewhere between the overall design and the weight of the Milwaukee M18™ Cordless Jig Saw vibrations common to this type of tool are almost nonexistent. I am sure that a large part of that is a well-designed and manufactured drive system and motor but overall, there is surprisingly little vibration for a jigsaw.

The blade changing system is first rate and makes this task simple and very quick. I like that the Milwaukee M18™ Cordless Jig Saw uses the T-shank style blades because that means you are never farther than the nearest woodworking shop or home improvement store from a good selection of fresh blades.

The 18V Lithium-Ion battery packs are a far cry from the early cordless tools (including the early Lithium-Ion batteries) in terms of the power they deliver and how long they continue to deliver it. The Milwaukee packs are long lasting and recharge surprisingly fast. Actual battery life is totally dependent on what you are doing with the jigsaw but throughout the evaluation I never felt that the batteries were running down too quickly or lacked power. They deliver virtually full power right up until it is time for recharging.

Actually cutting wood with the Milwaukee M18™ Cordless Jig Saw is easy and accurate. Following curved layout lines is easy as is making straight cuts with the aid of a clamped on fence. The adjustable orbiting action makes setting this saw up for the job at hand easy.