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Milwaukee 48225411 Magnetic Tape Measure Metric 10m

Milwaukee 48225411 Magnetic Tape Measure Metric 10m
Milwaukee 48225411 Magnetic Tape Measure Metric 10m
Milwaukee 48225411 Magnetic Tape Measure Metric 10m
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Milwaukee® Magnetic Tape Measures are Nothing But Heavy Duty®. Using Nylon Blade Protection and a 5-Point Reinforced Frame, they offer up to 10X Longer Blade Life, by resisting contamination wear and increasing protection when dropped. To increase productivity on the jobsite, Milwaukee® Magnetic Tapes feature a new-to-world Dual Magnets, which securely attaches to EMT sticks from below and steel studs in front. An additional innovative feature is the Finger Stop, which protects your finger when the blade retracts.

Features and Benefits of the Milwaukee 48225411 include:

Double sided nylon bond blade protection for extreme tape durability against dust, dirt, debris and water.

Non reflective blade coating makes the tape anti-glare and easier to read in bright sunlight.

Finger stop for comfortable hold and finger protection when the blades retracts.

Dual magnets: one magnet holds the hook in front; a second magnet prevents roll off on the material e.g. on steel studs, pipes.

2-sided scale printing: horizontal measuring scale on the front side; vertical measuring scale on back side for increased readability.

Premium quality with 27 mm blade width.

5-point reinforced frame for job site durability.

Wire belt clip: clips on easily without fraying and tearing clothing.

Extra large 360° grip hook: can be hooked on the material from any side with ease.

Architect scale: is integrated for easy calculating of scaled drawings (ISO 5455). Enables to measure distances and calculate material demand directly on construction site.

Overmould gripping area for extra comfort and durability. Class II accuracy.

EAN 0045242347421