Merlyn Series 6 Quadrant 2 Door 900 x 900mm Chrome

Merlyn Series 6 Quadrant 2 Door 900 x 900mm Chrome
Merlyn Series 6 Quadrant 2 Door 900 x 900mm Chrome
Merlyn Series 6 Quadrant 2 Door 900 x 900mm Chrome
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Merlyn Series 6 Quadrant 2 Door 900 x 900mm Chrome - Cubicle Enclosure 

Description of the Merlyn Series 6 Quadrant Enclosure:
The new and improved Merlyn Series 6 Quad is a sophisticated yet fun enclosure that ticks all the boxes. It is space saving and economical yet stylish and functional.  With Mershield protected coating, and toughened safety glass as standard it is equally at home as the family shower or in a modern bathroom. 

The door has a double handle and comes complete with easy clean double rollers that glide the doors smoothly and effortlessly open.

 What is Mershield Protected Glass?

What is Mershield Protected Glass

Merlyn's Mershield protection is a hydrophobic coating for glass and glass like surfaces. The Mershield coating repels water and when applied to shower enclosures, the coating prevents the build up of limescale and soap deposits and makes the shower glass “Easy to Clean”.

The build up of limescale will be more apparent in hard water areas. If you are in a hard water area then scale inhibitors are available

Mershield is a two-part polymer coating supplied as standard with all Series 10, Series 8 enclosures and Series 6. Where Mershield is not supplied as standard, “Easy to Clean” can be achieved by utilising the glass protector from the Merlyn cleaning kit.

Without Merlyn Mersheild Protection

Without Merlyn Mersheild Protection: Without Mershield protection water and soap deposits will cling to the glass surface causing a build up of grime, requiring more vigorous cleaning.

With Merlyn Mershield Protection

With Merlyn Mershield Protection: With the Merlyn Mersheild protection larger droplets of water do not adhere to the surface, thus rolling automatically and much faster down the surface. Mershield protective coating actively repels water and grime which ensures the glass stays cleaner for longer.

The Mershield coating provides a larger contact angle for the water droplet on the surface and makes the drops a third smaller than drops falling on an untreated surface

merlyn mershield

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