Macdee 39513 TECE Dual Flush Concealed Cistern 3/6 Litres Flushing Capacity – Includes Flush Plate

Macdee 39513 TECE Dual Flush Concealed Cistern 3/6 Litres Flushing Capacity – Includes Flush Plate
Macdee 39513 TECE Dual Flush Concealed Cistern 3/6 Litres Flushing Capacity – Includes Flush Plate
Macdee 39513 TECE Dual Flush Concealed Cistern 3/6 Litres Flushing Capacity – Includes Flush Plate
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The Macdee TECE concealed cistern with new flush valve and real 3-litre economy flush for dual flush technology. This set includes a chrome flush plate with flush pipe and seal fixing kit.

Huge amounts of water and energy are currently wasted with outdated technology. Sensible investment can significantly reduce these consequential costs. The newly developed drain valve for the TECE cistern now enables a real 3 litre flush and is excellent for sustainable water use. Thanks to the dual flush technology a small flush requires just three litres. The combination of dual and economy flush enables water savings of 50 percent - compared to most conventional flushing technologies with six to nine litres.

Unbroken seal

An unbroken seal guarantees the cleanliness and functional fitness of the cistern. Above all though it indicates that no-one had unauthorized access to the cistern during the construction phase.

The flushing volume of the Macdee cistern is set to 6 litres. Why? The use of a smaller flush volume naturally makes sense from an economical and ecological point of view. However if the waste water pipes are dimensioned for large flush volumes as is the case in old buildings the economical use of water can lead to blocked pipes. The costs for repairs quickly cancel out the savings hoped for. It may therefore make sense to use a larger flush volume; this can be set individually with the new flush valve from TECE.

Other advantages include:
Suitable for all TECE push plates.
The same flushing technology for all applications.
The same internals for single and dual flush technology.
Soundproofing tested to DIN 4109/AG1.

The TECE cistern – tried-and-tested technology with a real 3 litres and dual flush technology.

The new flush value – simple design:

The red pull rod operates the economy flush the blue one the full flush. The full flush being 6 litres while the economy flush of 3 litres remains constant.

With the new flush valve a real 3 litre flush is now possible and the combination of dual flush and economy flush enables water savings of more than 50 percent.

With conventional drain valves if the ceramics are not flushed out correctly the flushing flow can subsequently only be reduced but not increased. This is not the case with the TECE valve – here by exchanging the throttles the flushing flow can be subsequently increased or reduced. For this the valve seat is simply removed and the throttle ring in it is replaced. As a result all ceramics
can be optimally flushed.

The TECE cistern

The TECE cistern is pre-assembled ex factory and requires only the plumbing connections during the bare wall fitting stage. The cistern has to be opened only for the fine installation. The cistern opening is secured with a seal.

The TECE cistern – easy assembly and maintenance:

Maintenance is just as easy as assembly. When the valve is replaced individual parts do not have to be removed or broken off: The valve forms a unit in which all parts are permanently attached to each other.

After the shell construction

After the shell construction: The reinforced pipe is attached to the push fittings system
on the filling valve with no need for tools.

The protective plate

The protective plate is a compact unit consisting of the splash guard lever mechanism
and fixing device.

Easy installation

Easy installation of the valves despite small inspection opening.

The TECE cistern

For servicing the entire engineering unit including the lever mechanism cover and
push plate can be removed. All settings are therefore retained.

The TECE cistern - suitable for all the toilet push plates from TECE:

At TECE all the cisterns and push plates are compatible with each other. However cisterns from other manufacturers cannot be combined with a TECE push plate.

Macdee TECE Ambia

For servicing the entire unit, including the lever mechanism, lid and push plate, can be removed in one piece. All settings remain unchanged.

The antibacterial push plate supports toilet hygiene.
The antibacterial push plate supports toilet hygiene.

The plate is made of a new high-tech plastic in which microscopically tiny silver ions are distributed. The silver ions inhibit bacteria growth and multiplication.

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