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Liff Roluxe Reverse Osmosis System

Liff Roluxe Reverse Osmosis System
Liff Roluxe Reverse Osmosis System
Liff Roluxe Reverse Osmosis System
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What is Roluxe?

Roluxe is the name given to the Liff reverse osmosis system which offers some
of the highest levels of water filtration available.

Primary Purpose
Liff Roluxe reverse osmosis system removes virtually all impurities from drinking
water and offers the highest level of water filteration available. Suitable
for all private water supplies, holiday homes, caravans and boats, rmote dwellings/farms
and commercial outlets. NB. Not to be used as a system for reclaiming waste
or rainwater.

Suppied with all the necessary parts including an in-line pump and water storage
reservoir, the Roluxe unit is designed to be fitted underneath a sink unit.

Three pre filters and one post filter require changing every six months. The
main reverse osmosis membrane will need changing every 1 to 2 years dependent
on the amount of water used and the quality of the incoming supply

Features and Benefits:
Five stage filtration system
Produces virtually 'pure' water
Effective removal of dissolved solids and heavy metals
Removes 98% bacteria and viruses