Calmag CALSOFT M HI-FLO Meter Controlled Water Softener and Full Installation Kit for Pressurised / Megaflow / Unvented Systems

Calmag CALSOFT M HI-FLO Meter Controlled Water Softener and Full Installation Kit for Pressurised / Megaflow / Unvented Systems
Calmag CALSOFT M HI-FLO Meter Controlled Water Softener and Full Installation Kit for Pressurised / Megaflow / Unvented Systems
Calmag CALSOFT M HI-FLO Meter Controlled Water Softener and Full Installation Kit for Pressurised / Megaflow / Unvented Systems

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Plumbing Systems Compatibility Guide

Model Standard System with stored water (15mm pipework) Combination Boiler Unvented/Pressurised system / Megaflow
CALSOFT M  HFK No - Use Standard Kit  Yes Yes

Benefits of the Calmag Calsoft M HI-FLO over traditional softeners

Fully automatic and metered – only regenerates when required.
Low salt consumption – up to 60% saving against conventional softeners.
Low water usage – up to 80% saving against conventional softeners.
Designed to use the exact amount of salt.
No programming required.
High flow rate capabilities.
Suitable for all types of plumbing systems.
Can use tablet granular or block salt.
Ergonomically designed cabinet and hood.
Delayed regeneration.
Stores data in the event of a power cut.
Learns and remembers your water usage – saves on salt and water.
Uses food grade monospheric high capacity resin – unique.
Proportional brining only regenerates the resin that has been used.
5 year parts guarantee and 12 months labour guarantee.
National distribution network through plumbers merchants.
Removes existing scale.

Evidence of water softening

Benefits of Water Softeners

Improves the efficiency of hot water and heating systems.
Can save an estimated £200 per year for an average household of four.
Makes hair soft and easy to manage.
Can help certain skin conditions such as eczema. Log on to
Softened water has a clean silky feeling.
Rinses completely away without leaving scum even after shaving.
Real cost of savings in service maintenance and replacement of water heaters dishwashers washing machines showers taps and boilers.
Save up to 50% of washing powder use and cut the use of shampoos conditioners & cleaning products.
Removes existing scale deposits in hot water and heating systems as well as scale around taps and stains in baths and basins.
Makes laundry brighter glasses and dishes sparkle and shine.
Makes washing the car easier and will reduce streaking and spotting.

Scale wastes both energy and financial resources. Just one eighth of an inch of limescale reduces heating efficiency by 25%.


The Basics of How a Water Softener Works

The Basics of How a Water Softener Works

1. Hard water passes though a control unit into the resin vessel.
2. Calcium and Magnesium constituents of water hardness are attached to the Sodium saturated resin beads usually sulphonated polystyrene.
3. This simultaneously releases Sodium ions and water hardness is
eliminated. The process is called ion exchange.
4. When the resin becomes saturated with Calcium and Magnesium it is recharged by passing a salt solution through the resin.

Key water softener parameters...
Water hardness
Litres of water used per day
Maximum flow rate
Fill rate to tank requirements

How CalSoft Metered Works

How CalSoft Metered Works

The CalSoft Metered water softener has been specifically designed with the UK’s increasing family homes in mind.

With an increasing number of new homes being plumbed in 22mm or with combination boilers then it is essential that the home owner is not caught out by
purchasing the incorrect water softener. This is why we have developed a product that is suitable for both 15mm and 22mm installations – the only difference is the actual installation kit.

Drinking water taps

Important Information: Water Authority bylaws require that one tap in the house remains unsoftened. It is also recommended that the garden tap is left with a hard water supply. Here at Buyaparcel we have have a comprehensive range of modern and contemporary drinking water taps.

The Calmag CalSoft Metered unit is compact and has been designed to fit underneath a single kitchen cupboard if required and comes with its own salt bucket to ensure that salt encrustations do not develop around the mechanics of the unit – this is one area that is often overlooked with other units.

Includes Salt Bucket unlike other units.Includes Salt Bucket unlike other units.

Includes Salt Bucket unlike other units.

The Calmag CalSoft Metered is extremely water efficient and does work on a joint regeneration and cleansing cycle which not only recharges the resin bed but cleanses it from sediment contamination & chlorine particles.

The Calmag CalSoft Metered also has the added benefit of a greater salt saving mechanism.
The electronics are easy to operate but we have ensured that with the factory settings then it is not necessary for any adjustments when initially installed and the only adjustment that may be required is to set the water hardness level – an operation that takes a maximum of 30 seconds.

Time Meter

The accuracy of the factory settings avoid the necessity for any adjustments when the unit is initially installed – the only adjustment that may be rewired is setting the
water hardness level.

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