BWT Aquadial PRISMERTEC ECO Meter Controlled Water Softener – Environmental and Economical

BWT Aquadial PRISMERTEC ECO Meter Controlled Water Softener – Environmental and Economical
BWT Aquadial PRISMERTEC ECO Meter Controlled Water Softener – Environmental and Economical
BWT Aquadial PRISMERTEC ECO Meter Controlled Water Softener – Environmental and Economical

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The Prismertec ECO Environmental Water Softener replaces the Aquadial Prismertec 1000i Water Softener AS000750.

Introducing the BWT Prismertec Eco Water Softener 

The BWT Prismertec brings German engineering to a time proven water softener design, built and tested in the UK for UK plumbing systems. The new Prismertec will fit comfortably into most kitchen environments and offers the householder a host of sophisticated and efficient features. State of the art electronics and a precision controlled water softening process make for an almost unrivalled performance, making the BWT Prismertec one of Europe's most efficient domestic water softener.

Designed to blend form and functionality, the BWT Prismertec has been developed to meet the demands of today's busy lifestyles by delivering copious amounts of softened water at flow rates to meet the requirements of modern combination boilers, power showers and direct mains fed water systems.

Proportional Brining

The integrated electronic control system monitors your softened water usage, making only enough brine (salt solution) to regenerate that part of the resin bed that has been exhausted. In this way, the amount of salt used relates directly to the amount of softened water used; making it more efficient and cost effective.

The BWT Prismertec - Counter regeneration

This means brine solution first passes through unused resin at the bottom of the resin bed, ensuring that the whole bed is treated without any wastage. This reduces the amount of water used in the regeneration cycle.

The BWT Prismertec - Monitoring your lifestyle for greater efficiency

At the heart of the BWT Prismertec is an advanced electronic control system that brings a totally new level of control to the water softening process. Monitoring, controlling and adiusting each regeneration cycle accurately to deliver outstanding performance, it dramatically reduces water and salt usage for lower operating costs. Investing in a Prismertec now will reduce your future running costs and the payback period on your investment.

Day by day, hour-by-hour, the BWT Prismertec captures data on the amount of water you and your family use and stores the information in its memory. The regeneration cycle is meter controlled and is usually programmed for the early hours of the moming when the family is sleeping. This simple process is fully automatic and to ensure the Prismertec only regenerates when necessary, all you need to do is occassionally top up the unit with salt.

Kind to the environment and your pocket

Features and Benefits of the Prismertec Eco include: 

Proportional brining for greater efficiency in extra salt and water savings.

Advanced electrical control system to monitor, control and adjust each regeneration cycle for increased accuracy.

2 way indexing head.

One touch access to data logging provides information such as water flow rate and water usage between regenerations.

Compact size - just 535mm in height.

Precision brining for optimum efficiency.

High capacity monosphere resin with regular bead size for the maximum amount of softened water between regenerations.

10 year warranty*.

43% less waste water and 30% less salt than comparable units**.

Consistent quality of softened water.

Designed for UK homes and plumbing systems.

*warranty subject to service plan terms and conditions.

**Comparisons calculated on published data of similar sized water softeners.

The BWT Prismertec Eco Brings Affordable luxury silky water

You will be amazed at the difference that softened water can make to your lifestyle and your household budget. Luxuriously silky water will bring a new dimension to washing, bathing and showering. Not only will you enjoy the soft caress of richer lather and softer suds you'll also find that used shampoo washes away more easily, leaving your hair clean, shiny and smooth. Your clothes will take on a new found softness too. As the soap suds rinse away quickly, it leaves fibres clean and fresh.

You'll be helping the environment too. A BWT water softener uses less water and salt than many of its competitors, and beoause you'll need less detergents and shampoos, running oasts will be lower and fewer chemicals will be washed down the drain.

Tough on scale and scum, your BWT water softener will help keep your bathroom suite, shower and kitchen sparkling clean. Unsightly stains and marks will disappear, while cleaning will become less of a chore with no need for the harsh chemicals and expensive limescale removers previously required.

Your BWT water softener delivers not only the promise of softened water, but brings you peaoe of mind as well. You can feel secure in the knowledge that your water softener has been developed and manufactured by BWT. With more than 20 years of experienoe, BWT is recognised as one of the world's leaders in water treatment and water softener manufacturing. Each model has been tried, tested and developed to provide the very best in quality and performance.

Everyday cost of hard water

The hidden cost of hard water - The Prismertec ECO will help save you money. 

Hard water deposits scale throughout your domestic water system, with the result that:
- Water takes longer to heat and bums more fuel.
- Your washing machine may be using around 50% more soap.
- Your hot water tank oauld be running at iust two thirds of its capacity as scale clogs up the rest.
- Government statistics show iust 6mm of scale can be enough to reduce the efficiency of your heating system by up to 38 percent.
- Premature replacement of an average family boiler could cost you over £1,000.

Your BWT water softener is tough on existing scale too.

Over time, softened water will help dissolve and wash away limescale which has accumulated aver the years, helping to restore the efficiency of your hot water system and the flow of water through your pipes, taps and showers.

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