Aqualisa QUARTZ Electric 10.5KW Shower ALL CHROME Finish

Aqualisa QUARTZ Electric 10.5KW Shower ALL CHROME Finish
Aqualisa QUARTZ Electric 10.5KW Shower ALL CHROME Finish
Aqualisa QUARTZ Electric 10.5KW Shower ALL CHROME Finish
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Aqualisa QUARTZ Electric 10.5KW Shower CHROME Finish

Fits comfortably over many other models

including Triton T80XR, T100XR and Mira Sport


Need an efficient and economic shower? Then why not take a look at Quartz Electric. There's no demand on stored hot water, it's super-safe and best of all, is just perfect for retrofits and refurbishments.

Quartz Electric provides an endless, economical flow of water that’s heated as its required. It's ideal for additional shower rooms as there is no demand on stored hot water. It's super-easy to fit and our patented OTP system prevents the user from selecting dangerously high temperatures. Perfect for the whole family!

Quartz Electric heats water for showering on demand – providing hot water for as long as it’s required. There’s a control dial to get the best performance all year round and because it’s BEAB approved, it’s safe, too.

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Black Granite Finish
Above image is of Black Granite Finish which is also available

Impressive Shower Performance

The wide flow range negates the need for fiddly high and low power switches and gives the benefit of increased flow rates in the summer months.

Active nozzles

The patented “active” nozzles move dynamically to give a well defined spray pattern throughout the year. The “Y” shaped nozzles expand fully in the summer to give a luxurious flow pattern.

Rub clean nozzles

Rub clean nozzles

The unique handset has easy rub clean nozzles to enable simple cleaning and the removal of limescale to optimise flow rates.

Three invigorating spray patterns

Aqualisa’s optimum handset offers multiple spray patterns to suit your mood. Whether it’s an early morning wake up call or a relaxing after work wind-down you’ll be sure to find one to suit.

Delayed shutdown

Phased shutdown switches the shower off gradually to flush out hot water. This is an added safety feature for the next user and reduces limescale around the heating element extending the life of the shower.

Over temperature protection

The patented (applied for) OTP system protects the user from selecting dangerously
high temperatures making it ideal for use by all the family. The clever OTP system overrides the user selection if the temperature exceeds 45º Centigrade. The temperature sensor in the outlet is designed to activate to allow more flow into the element quickly avoiding any temperature spike unlike other Electric showers in its class.

Optimum flow control

The Quartz Electric heating element is at maximum power all the time meaning that
users do not have to select a High Medium or Low setting to cope with changes in inlet water temperatures during the year… simply switch on and start showering.

Double protection from pressure fluctuations

Within the shower there are two flow regulators to protect the user against the effects of any changes in water pressure.

Simple one touch controls

Soft touch illuminated controls and an easy glide temperature selector eases operation for both young and Old.

Designed specifically to ease retro-fit installations

As you would expect from Aqualisa we have talked to many installers to understand the frustrations of fitting an electric shower. As a result we have designed the unit with
more room for optional cable and water entry points and 2 positions for earth connections to improve wiring access. The generous footprint and deeper cover aids retro-fit installations and can cover screw holes made in tiling by a previous shower.

The ideal choice for retro-fitting electric showers

a dream to use...

- Simple to use – the one touch illuminated controls and easy glide temperature selector make Quartz Electric the ideal choice
- Switch on and shower – you’ll always get a constant temperature whatever the weather
- Over Temperature Protection (OTP) device makes Quartz Electric safe to use for all the family

....and a dream to install

- A generous footprint and a deep cover give lots of extra space to retro-fit without any headaches
- More room for optional cable and water points
- 2 positions for the earth connection to make retro-fit wiring easier
- Fits comfortably over many other models including Triton T80XR T100XR and Mira Sport

aqualisa quartz entry points

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