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Triton Satellite Mix and Match Kits

Triton's digital showers offer a choice of either mixer or electric models. Designed to give you more freedom in the layout and set-up of your bathroom these systems hide the mixing/heater unit out of sight. The shower is operated by a separate control panel, which is either connected to the mixing/heater unit by a hidden wire or via wireless technology.

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Triton Satellite Shower Kits

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Triton Satellite Mix and Match Kits (cont)

The range differs from an ordinary shower as uses the latest remote control technology, meaning you can operate your shower in the same way you would your television with a remote control.

The Triton Metis Satellite range has an understated and neat riser rail with a 5 position shower head.

The Triton Carlova Satellite range is a beautiful curved kit which gives you the option to go through the ceiling.

The Triton Cyrene Satellite range has a fixed shower head giving glorious downpour.