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Triton Power Showers

A Triton Power Showers mean no one need be without the forceful and invigorating experience of a high flow rate shower.

A Power Shower is designed for plumbing systems with low pressure. The range of Triton Power

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Triton Power Showers (cont)

Showers combine a mixer and an integral shower pump in one easily installed unit.

All of our Triton Power Showers have been designed not only to boost performance but to enhance and compliment any style of bathroom.

Designed with clean, simple lines the Triton AS2000XT Power Shower and AS2000X Manual Power Shower are discrete in white or the Triton Aspirante Power Shower model is available in a statement making chrome finish. Whichever you choose, you can be sure the power is a force to be reckoned with.

The footprint on the Triton AS2000XT and the AS2000X mean that you can directly replace your old Triton Aquasensation AS2000T and AS2000 without having to make any major adjustments to your existing pipework