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Tapworks Commercial Water Softeners

When it comes to the workplace, however you use water, it's important to know the hard facts. Especially considering that hard water costs public and private sector organisations millions each year in:
•Higher maintenance costs caused by clogged-up pipes, pumps, appliances and the like

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Tapworks NORTHSTAR Light COMMERCIAL Heavy Duty Domestic Water Softener NSC40UD1 + 1
£953.33 Ex VAT
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Tapworks Commercial Water Softeners (cont)

•Premature replacement of equipment, appliances and machinery
•Replacement of linens, towels and other laundry
•Higher heating and energy bills
A wide variety of businesses, retailers, education and public sector establishment use our commercial softeners and filters. Amongst the many organisations that currently benefit from our water treatment technology, we help the following to save time, cost and energy:

•Hotels and guest houses
•Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars
•Hospitals, dental surgeries and health centres
•Health clubs, swimming pools and leisure centres
•Office and apartment blocks
•Car washes and dry cleaners