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Stanley Saws

The most superb selection including a range of high performance specialist saws.

A great time saving feature of Stanley saws is that the handles can be used to mark out both 45 and 90 degree angles.

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Stanley STA120110 Turbocut 300mm Hacksaw Saw Heavy Duty 1-20-110 and Mini Hacksaw
£7.88 Ex VAT
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Stanley Saws (cont)

Choosing the right saw - its all about selecting the right size and type of teeth for a particular job. Tooth size is measured in the number of complete teeth to the inch. Larger teeth and fewer teeth give a faster cut compared to a greater number of smaller teeth which will give a finer finish.

The best saw for construction work would be a large toothed saw with 7TPI.
For finishing work small teeth at 11TPI is best.