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MX Gold Shower Hose PVC Hi Flo 1.5m x 11mm Anti-Kink

MX Gold Shower Hose PVC Hi Flo 1.5m x 11mm Anti-Kink
MX Gold Shower Hose PVC Hi Flo 1.5m x 11mm Anti-Kink
MX Gold Shower Hose PVC Hi Flo 1.5m x 11mm Anti-Kink
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MX is the largest manufacturer of shower accessories in the UK market. Continuously developing new concepts for all shower market needs. Every effort is made to ensure all products comply with British Standards and conform with any UK water systems. To enable you to enjoy a reassuring and pleasurable showering experience.

1 Year Guarantee
Gold Effect PVC
Very Stong
Supplied with washers
Hi Flow Shower Hose
Fits standard showerheads and showers
Large bore, perfect for Hi Flow shower performance
Standard 1/2" threaded connectors (Cone both ends)

The hose is classed as "high flow", this means it has a large bore (wider diameter) hole to allow more water through the hose, this will improve the performance of low pressure water systems (a water tank in the loft). The performance of the shower is improved because the hose minimises the friction and maximises the flow of water in order to deliver a powerful shower.
This shower hose is manufactured by the MX Group, a UK company. MX manufacture the largest range of shower hoses in the UK, these are fully compatible with any UK water systems and are available in various colour options.
Flexible: The hose is fitted with anti-twist cone nuts for ease of use.
Safe: The hose is manufactured with safety in mind using WRAS approved and Phthalate free materials, all complying with BS1113-2008

EAN 5017706246187