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Everbuild Stick 2 Epoxy Putty Aqua 50gm Size Twin Pack

Everbuild Stick 2 Epoxy Putty Aqua 50gm Size Twin Pack
Everbuild Stick 2 Epoxy Putty Aqua 50gm Size Twin Pack
Everbuild Stick 2 Epoxy Putty Aqua 50gm Size Twin Pack
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Everbuild Stick 2 Epoxy PuttyAqua is a 2 component epoxy based putty for perminant repairs to damp, wet areas and underwater repairing, bonding, sealing, fixing, remoulding and rebuilding virtually any material. (with limitations). . It can be applied underwater, both fresh and salt, and will bond to substrates such as fibreglass, metal, wood, concrete, ceramic, glass etc. Mixes in one minute. Totally waterproof once dried.

APPLICATION (we always recommend gloves be worn when handling this product)
Surfaces must be clean, sound and free of oil and grease. Smooth surfaces should be abraded. Break off the required amount of EPOXY PUTTY AQUA and mix by hand to a uniform colour. Apply to required areas immediately. Fill all voids and holes, apply pressure on damp, wet or slowly leaking surfaces. For a smooth appearance, handrub with water or a damp cloth prior to hardening. Allow to fully cure before sanding or machining.

Working time from mixing – 5 minutes @ 20oC
Curing time – 60 minutes @ 20oC

Store in cool dry conditions between 0 and 20oC. Storage outside these parameters will dramatically reduce shelf life.
Shelf life – 3 years from date of manufacture in original unopened containers.

Will not stick polyethylene, polypropylene, or PTFE
Do not use on bitumen, asphalt.
Do not use as a mirror adhesive as the product may attack the mirror backing.
Do not use below 5°C.
As the manufacturer cannot know all the uses its products may be put to, it is the users responsibility to determine suitability of use. If in doubt, contact Technical Services Department for advice.

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