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Everbuild 703 Fix and Grout Tile Adhesive and Grout Mould Resistant Brilliant White

Everbuild 703 Fix and Grout Tile Adhesive and Grout Mould Resistant Brilliant White
Everbuild 703 Fix and Grout Tile Adhesive and Grout Mould Resistant Brilliant White
Everbuild 703 Fix and Grout Tile Adhesive and Grout Mould Resistant Brilliant White
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Fix & Grout Tile Adhesive is a premium grade adhesive formulated to be used as both an adhesive and grout. The product contains a fungicide to prevent mould growth and dries to a brilliant white finish. Tested to EN12004 type D2T.

 Excellent water resistance.
 Extremely high bond strength - over double the B.S. minimum requirement in wet shear (7 days
drying, 7 days water immersion followed by shearing whilst wet).
 Compressible - allows for slight thermal movement.
 Dries brilliant white.
 Contains a fungicide - prevents mould growth.
 Ready mixed formula - no mixing, no mess. Apply straight from the tub.
 Easier to apply than most competitive adhesives.
 Extended open time.
Areas for Use
 Kitchen/Bathroom walls.
 Shower areas.
 Communal and power showers
 Work tops subject to water contact.

 Unsuitable for floors.
 Do not use for swimming pools. Use EVERBUILD 705 RAPID SET TILE MORTAR
 Do not use externally. Use EVERBUILD 705 RAPID SET TILE MORTAR.
 When used as a grout, allow to dry for 7 days before using showers/baths.
Surface Preparation
New plaster must be a minimum of 4 weeks old before tiling. Tile onto finishing coat only. Prime with
EVERBUILD PVA diluted 1:3 with water.
Must be braced with seasoned timber at 300mm vertically and horizontally. Use moisture resistant
grades. All surfaces and edges must be sealed with EVERBUILD SBR diluted 1:4 with water.

Allow at least four weeks drying before tiling. Use a mix design of 3 to 4 parts sand to 1 part
cement. Prime with EVERBUILD PVA.
Allow at least 4 weeks drying time before rendering or plastering. Do not fix directly to blockwork.
Roughen surfaces with abrasive sander and prime with EVERBUILD PVA diluted 1:1 with water. Apply
adhesive whilst still tacky. Allow at least 5 days before grouting.
Not recommended for direct application to emulsion or limewash paints. Remove loose material and
prime with EVERBUILD PVA Mix diluted 1:4 with water.
For gloss paints, degrease and score with knife to provide key for adhesive. Allow at least five days
drying before grouting.
All surfaces should be clean, dry and free of dust and loose material before commencing. Refer to
directions for specific surfaces.
Surfaces to be tiled must be clean, dry and sound. Porous surfaces, including plaster, must be primed
with Everbuild PVA Bond diluted 1 to 3 with water and allowed to dry before tiling. Allow new plaster
to dry at least one month before tiling. Apply adhesive to wall at a depth of 3-6mm (no less than
3mm, no greater than 6mm) combing out an area of no greater than 1m2
at a time. In dry situations,
use a suitable notched trowel across the surface of the adhesive before placing the tiles into position
and securing with a slight twist action to remove air voids.
In areas subject to wet conditions, do not use a notched trowel. Bed the tiles directly into the surface
of the adhesive and again, secure with a slight twist action. In both situations, it is good practice to
periodically remove a tile and check that at least 75% of the tile is covered in adhesive. If this is not
the case, apply fresh adhesive and reposition.
All surplus adhesive must be removed whilst adhesive is still wet using a dampened cloth or sponge,
particularly along grout lines.
Apply by squeegee or sponge, working well into joints. Ensure no voids remain. Suitable for joint
widths up to 6mm. Allow adhesive to dry for 24- 72 hours before grouting depending on porosity.
Allow grout to dry for 7 days before using shower areas/baths.

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