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Scalemaster DIGISONIC DS10 15mm Electronic Water Conditioner Scale Inhibitor

Scalemaster DIGISONIC DS10 15mm Electronic Water Conditioner Scale Inhibitor
Scalemaster DIGISONIC DS10 15mm Electronic Water Conditioner Scale Inhibitor
Scalemaster DIGISONIC DS10 15mm Electronic Water Conditioner Scale Inhibitor
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The use of digitally enhanced electromagnetic waves to treat limescale.
Over recent years numerous scientific reports have supported the theory of limescale protection using electromagnetic waves.

The transfer from theory to fact is now well under way with many satisfied customers who have purchased electronic protection products.

How electromagnetic waves treat limescale is quite complex with numerous theories put forward producing debate amongst scientists. However the general consensus of opinion in the industry is that they do work and work well. We further make the point that most people do not understand microwave technology but enjoy the benefits of a microwave oven.

Cutting through a water pipe whilst a relatively straight forward operation requires in most instances the services of a plumber. Digisonic DS10 with its self wind facility allows for digital scale protection without the need to cut a pipe.

24 hour digital protection.

Simple to fit - no tools required, no pipes to cut.

Digisonic water conditioners provide digital scale protection by way of an aerial and generator, transmitting high frequency Electro-magnetic signals to treat water prior to heating. The signal creates accelerated coagulation of the scale forming particles and irregular crysallinity. When heated, such crystals are rendered less capable of adhering to surfaces such as pipework and heat exchangers and thus are swept from the system via normal hot water call off.

Consequent to the altered crystal phase the particle/liquid equilibrium is upset, this leads to the gradual elimination of existing limescale build up


Digisonic products are designed for the protection of hot water heating systems i.e. combination boilers.

Fitting Location

Unvented Systems
Cold water feed to boiler.

Vented Systems
Incoming cold water mains supply.
Aerial Fitting Position

Unvented Systems
A minimum of one metre to a maximum of two metres upstream in boiler cold feed.

Vented Systems
Close as possible to stopcock.
See additional information.
Site Requirements
Convenient plug point. All electrical and plumbing work should be carried out by a suitably qualified person to comply with all water byelaws and IEE regulations.
Fitting Instructions
Supplied with packaging, available on request.

Operating Information
LEDs green (flashing) treatment indicator, Red power on, Yellow output 1 in use, Amber (DS20 only) output 2 in use.

Digisonic water conditioners are approved by WRAS and comply with the requirements of the United Kingdom Water Byelaws & Regulations.

EAN 5027639404080