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Liff 15mm LimeBeater Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor

Liff 15mm LimeBeater Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor
Liff 15mm LimeBeater Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor
Liff 15mm LimeBeater Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor
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Electrolytic in-line scale inhibitor used to protect heating surfaces and adjoining pipework.


Hard water affects over two thirds of the UKs homes and businesses. Scale problems are both common and costly. The excessive build up of scale in boilers, kettles and other appliances wastes energy and greatly reduces their ability to generate heat. Limebeater inhibits the build up of scale in these appliances making them cheaper to run and easier to maintain.

How Limebeater Works

Water passes through a small current generated by the dissimilar metals contained in the Limebeater. This electrolytic action changes the molecular structure of scale forming crystals, preventing them from forming a hard insulating layer. The Limebeater modifies the physical composition of the ions but no chemical reaction takes place. This means that the Limebeater is an efficient and low cost method for inhibiting the build up of scale in both industrial and domestic situations.

Connecting To Pipelines

The Limebeater is supplied with the compression fittings relevant to the size of unit. Turn off the water at the mains and drain the pipework. Select a suitable connection point and cut out a length of pipework (See product Specification sheet).Clean the cut ends and ensure any burrs are removed. Remove the nut and olive from each end of the LImebeater and fit these onto each cut pipe end. Ease pipework apart and insert pipe ends into LImebeater.Push olives up to fittings, screw on the nut. Tighten all the nuts and ensure that a water tight seal is achieved. Turn the water back on and check for leaks. Please ensure you follow all applicable Water Byelaws and any building regulations.

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